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Travel is one of the most pleasurable activities that can be enjoyed by almost everyone.  Exploring new countries, cities, villages, cultures, exotic and romantic destinations around the world… Just thinking about it gives one the urge to travel, whether alone, with one’s spouse, with family or with friends.


Today, the Internet plays an important and constantly evolving role in our everyday work lives, as well as in our travel planning.  This free website is a collection of travel-related information and links, as opposed to a series of bookmarks or a listing of favorites, both of which are often incomplete. 


In these pages, you will find useful tips, checklists and videos to help you plan your next vacation and uncover the best deals.  You will also learn about the most popular destinations and where to get help in planning that unforgettable vacation.  This “travel one-stop shop” is for you.  We hope you explore its full potential!


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Playa Tambor Costa Rica

Playa Tambor Sunset coverWith so much commercialization, it can be difficult to get an authentic experience in the south, and especially in the ever popular Costa Rica. Even well preserved natural reserves are traversed by thousands of tourists every month, and sleepy fishing villages are often ….More about Playa Tambor

Travelling to Potrero Costa Rica

Potrero Costa Rica Food MiniWhat is your travelling pace? Do you prefer a high speed vacation where you try nearly every activity that is offered? Or is your pace the more relaxed type, where you prefer to laze on a beach for a week? When travelling to Potrero, every visitor has the….More about Potrero

Travelling to Jaco Costa Rica

Jaco Costa Rica Travelling Night CoverThe identity of Jaco is both sand and city, peace and pomp, sun and shade, day and night. Many visitors to this vibrant centre come back for the unique experience of having the sand and city right at their fingertips. This place is a perfect balance between the….More about Jaco

El Coco Costa Rica

El Coco Costa RicaA fun in the sun vacation, where you can dance your worries away under the moon. An endless number of beaches too frequent to adequately name. Local towns popular with the youth of the country and vibrant with activity. El Coco is the ideal place to travel if you are looking for a vacation … More about El Coco

San Jose Costa Rica

San Jose Costa Rica TravellingWe have one day in San Jose, one of the most vibrant and busiest cities in Central America. Pack your day from morning until night catching all of the sites, sounds, smells and succulent tastes that this place has to offer.

More about San Jose

Puntarenas Costa Rica

Puntarenas Costa RicaPuntarenas is a unique place, situated on a narrow peninsula (no more than four blocks wide!), jetting out into the Nicoya Gulf. Travelling here is fairly easy from the capital of San Jose and is the perfect place to begin your adventures through Costa Rica. While many visitors pass through on … More about Puntarenas

Samara Costa Rica

Samara Costa RicaSamara is situated on the Pacific side of the country with an unspoiled coastline reaching as far as the eye can see. Despite its remote location, it is still within close enough distance to San Jose and Jaco, allowing for day trips to the bigger centres of Costa Rica. Because Samara Costa Rica is situated…More about Samara


Liberia Costa RicaCan’t wait to dip your feet into the calm blue waters of the Pacific? But also really want to hike the trails through a real rainforest? For the best of both the wet and dry worlds, centre your vacation around Liberia. A relatively small and authentic Costa Rican town seeped in history, Liberia is the perfect …More about Liberia

Costa Rica

Costa RicaCosta Rica is one of the most sought after tourist destinations, filling the imaginations of visitors and locals alike. After travelling to the country themselves, no tourist is ever the same. Renowned for its natural beauty, vibrant nightlife, and colourful culture, Costa Rica is one of the world’s top tourist …More about Costa Rica

Runaway Bay

Runaway BayThe name says it all: Runaway Bay is the place that you travel if you want to ‘runaway’ from the crowds of tourists flocking to the Caribbean. It is a perfect, secluded and quiet destination that still has all of the services, scenery and good times you would expect from Jamaica – but on ..More about Runaway Bay


GuadeloupeThe best of France meets the best of the Caribbean in one fantastic destination. The vacation spot of Guadeloupe brings together the European flares of France and the colourful Caribbean culture to create a one-of-a-kind experience that is not …More about Guadeloupe

Grand Cayman

Cayman IslandsKnown for its good vibes and cool beats, the Caribbean attracts visitors from around the world every year. Sometimes all of this information is overwhelming – how do you know if you are picking the right destination? The Grand Cayman is established, diverse, colourful and filled with every amenity a visitor …More about Grand Cayman


CuracaoHave you ever had a wonderful secret, something that was so amazing you didn’t want to that required you to talk in hushed voices? Your very own secret that you kept close and guarded because it was so breathtaking that it defied words? After travelling to Curacao, you will have your very own secret just like that. …More about Curacao

Turks and Caicos

Turks and CaicosHave you always dreamed of feeling the same sand beneath your toes as your favourite Hollywood actor? How about staying at a fancy resort and being waited on like a millionaire? Or maybe you have thought about getting an oiled massage under a palm tree swaying in the tropical breeze? Perhaps you just …Read More

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico FlagDo you want to explore an ancient cave on your vacation? Yes! Do you want to walk down one of the most vibrant and hopping streets in the world? Yes! Do you want to explore forest reserves and wildlife refuges? Yes! Do you want to learn about one of the oldest New World settlements at unique  …Read More


Aruba Eagle BeachJust when you think the Caribbean is all the same, you find something different – a unique place that has all of the charms and attractions of other islands, but with a flare that is out of the ordinary. Aruba, officially part of the Netherlands and featuring a different climate than most Caribbean countries, is …Read More


Embassy CoverEmbassies are established around the world in order to develop relationships between nations, but are also critical outposts for international travellers. When encountering issues while travelling, from the mundane to the serious, one of your first points of contact should be your country’s embassy. Not only...Read More

Local Authorities

Local Authorities Soldier CoverNo one ever seeks out trouble, especially on their vacation. But sometimes you might find yourself in a difficult situation and therefore need a little help from the local authorities. Preparing yourself a little bit beforehand can go a long way in case you run into issues, but while you are travelling there is ...Read More

Medical Help

Medical HelpOne of the most common problems people run into while on vacation is in regards to their health. While you can plan and plan and plan for potential emergencies (see ‘before you leave’ for important tips on this subject), when something happens you still have to be ready to react. Choosing the right course of .Read More


Variety, unique aHuatulco Bays Coverdventures around each corner, diverse flora, incredible views, and plenty to keep traveller busy – that is Huatulco. Enjoy the amazing beauty of Huatulco nine different ways! This top Mexican destination has nine bays, each with its own unique character and surprises for you to …Read More

Kingston Jamaica

food sign KingstonA day in the life of Kingston Jamaica! Immerse yourself in this enchanting city following this handy itinerary. Whether you are dropping in for just a quick visit, or planning to stay for a longer vacation, Kingston Jamaica will keep you entertained for your entire journey. So get planning and get …Read More


Beach Chairs 1Looking for a small, quaint and quiet Jamaican vacation, far away from larger settlements and the stresses of cities? Searching for that patch of paradise that is reflective of real Jamaican culture with the laid back attitude that has made this island so famous? Negril is the end of your search…Read More

Travel Information
books 2Some of us are spontaneous travellers, eager to venture to any place we can with minimal notice. Some of us are veteran planners, scheduling every activity and element of our vacation until every minute is jam packed. Most of us though lie somewhere in between the two extremes, taking some time to plan the ….Read more
Travelling with Children
travel children 2It is family vacation time! You are off to enjoy some time with the special young people in your life. It is an occasion to explore, to celebrate, to learn and of course to have fun. But when you are travelling with children, things do not always go so smoothly. With some simple advanced preparation you can ….Read more
Montego Bay
Montego Bay Beach 1Are you a city or a country mouse? Does the hustle and bustle of an urban centre get your vacation sense twitching, or do you prefer the quiet serenity of nature and outdoor activities? Do you want to soak up the sun or meander in the moonlight? Do you want to use your time to experience the hip and modern, or head back to a quieter and simpler time? Montego Bay ….Read more.
Ocho Rios
Dunns River Falls 1Over 70% of the world’s surface is covered in water. No wonder humans have developed so many fun to enjoy this beautiful feature of our planet. Ocho Rios is where your wet and wild side can finally be let free as you enjoy everything the fresh and salt water can throw at you. While this area …Read more
jamaica love 1When people think about the Caribbean, the image of the tranquil and relaxed island of Jamaica often comes to mind. One of the oldest and most well developed tourist industries in the entire world, Jamaica is waiting for you to discover. With its unique combination of cultures, relaxing assortment of beaches and landscapes, and truly memorable cuisine, Jamaica is a one ……Read more.
Los Cabos
Whales 1It is time to plan your vacation, an activity that should be fun and exciting! But inevitably, if you are travelling with friends or family, someone has to compromise and is left feeling less than satisfied. You may want to experience a hopping nightlife, while they would prefer a quaint Oceanside town…..Read more.
typing 1One of the first things you should do is register your departure from Canada with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. This will allow you to stay connected to Canada in case of an emergency abroad, such as an earthquake or civil unrest, or an emergency at home…Read more.
Passport and Visa

Each country has its own requirements for entering and leaving their borders. Most countries require a passport, citizenship certificate, visa or other legal document. Ensure you and all persons travelling with you have the required documents before you attempt to enter a foreign country…Read more.

zihuatanejo 1Can’t decide what side of Mexico you want to see, the tourist version or the local version? Well, you are in luck because Ixtapa and its surrounding region is the Mexican version of the ‘Tale of Two Cities’. Ixtapa is the tourist side, city set up and run by the tourism industry. Nearby is Zihuatanejo, a taste ofRead more
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