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acapulco mapIt is time to party like the rich and famous! In Acapulco, you can get a taste of the ‘famous’ life, enjoying the same beaches and restaurants of the Hollywood stars that used to crowd this area. First booming in the 1950s, Acapulco rose to stardom as one of the favourite destination of actors and upper class citizens a few decades ago. Nowadays, Acapulco is more accessible to the average person but still has the glamour of its bygone days.


Located on the southwest coast of Mexico on the Pacific Ocean, the city of Acapulco is accessible to tourists from east to west, given its location, except a tropical climate with very little rain in the winter months. If you consider venturing up to higher elevations, pack some additional clothing as these areas can be significantly cooler compared to the lower lying coasts.



The city is divided very distinctly into two sections: the northern and the southern parts of the bay. Both offer their own charms and glitz, but are very different experiences. If you want to go back in time and walk the ‘traditional’ boardwalks and star studded areas of the old town, head up north. If you would prefer the new luxury resorts and swanky modern accommodations of Acapulco, go down south. Whatever you choose, you will have the chance to live the life of the rich and famous in Acapulco.


old acapulco 2


The northern part of the city is the most developed tourist area in Acapulco, with traditional Mexican hotels, shops, restaurants and an historic beach front. Wherever you are staying, it is worth a trip up north to wander around this once famous destination. Keeping its charms of the 1950s, the northern part is fully accessible to the average tourist and is a top destination for Mexicans from around the country. While you are here, also visit the old parts of Acapulco. Step back to a time before tourists by visiting the main square, Zocalo, and the historic sites surrounding it, including the San Diego Fort. With almost everything in walking distance, be sure to pack a suitable pair of shoes to enjoy the northern part of the bay.


Acapulco Zocalo


Acapulco San Diego Fort

Most resorts and new accommodations in Acapulco are located in the southern part of the city. Although this area has less history, it is not short of glitz. Almost every resort in this section of the city has its own mini paradise within its confines. The southern part of the city has no shortage of luxurious resorts and rentals, most with high class restaurants and bars right on site along the Acapulco Bay.


Acapulco Hotels


Whether you choose the north or south, Acapulco is especially known for its glamorous nightlife! Informal clubs on the beach offer you the chance to listen to music and dance the night away with the sand beneath your toes. More traditional glitzy clubs are located throughout the city, offering every kind of music and type of dance you could ever dream of.


Acapulco is truly a city that needs to not only be enjoyed during the day, but also at night. Your experience of being like a Hollywood star is not complete if you don’t venture out on the town after dark. With its variety and excitement, partying it up in Acapulco is a must do. The most renown places are the Palladium, Ibiza Lounge, El Alebrije and the Mandara.


Acapulco Palladium


The glamour of Acapulco is never complete without viewing the La Quebrada Cliff Divers. An absolutely breathtaking experience, watch as professional divers plunge into a tiny pool from cliff faces metres above the water. Prepare to be wowed, just as the rich and famous have been for years by these spectacular acrobats.


After so much partying and sightseeing, you might need a few good days of relaxation. Thankfully, the millionaires and Hollywood’s stars of a bygone era enjoyed Acapulco as much for its serenity as for its bustling glitz. Travel to Isla de la Roqueta via a harbor tour boat, and find yourself at a beautiful shallow water beach. Alternatively, head slightly east to Puerto Marquez, a peaceful and quiet beach area with friendly locals and a variety of restaurant options.



Finally, considering going to the Pie de la Cuesta, a quiet piece of land bordered by the Pacific on one side and a lagoon on the other. An excellent place for a slow and relaxing walk after bustling through the glamour of Acapulco.


Acapulco Pie de la Cuesta Beach


Acapulco Diner


When you travel to Acapulco, be prepared to walk in the shoes of famous stars and millionaires of the past who used to escape here for a glitzy vacation. From its bustling nightlife, to quiet beaches, to its developed tourist accommodations, Acapulco has much to offer to the average tourist since it has been opened to the everyday patron. So take some time and live the life of the rich and famous.


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