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It is finally time to start thinking about your next vacation! Where do you start? What do you have to research? What should you think about? How do you choose your next destination? How much should you plan, and how much should you leave to spontaneity? Are you looking from a travel advice? While every traveller will answer these questions differently, all will agree that some advanced planning will help you avoid unexpected surprises and allow for you to sit back and enjoy your holiday time.


This set of pages provides plenty of tips and travel advice on how to prepare for your next holiday. While it is often overwhelming beginning vacation preparation, these pages will help and will give you travel advice to check off the most important items on your list and avoid the major surprises that travelled should plan for. How much you plan is always up to you, but covering major questions like health, insurance, passports, registration and preparing for a family holiday will reduce potential headaches during your down time.


The first step is planning where you will be travelling. This website is built to help you make these critical decisions! Head over to the destination tab and read through the individual country pages. There is plenty of information and travel advice in each of these destinations to begin narrowing your search. Top attractions, climate, culture, accommodations, and other considerations are outlined for the major tourist destinations in a variety of countries. Once you have a spot (or two, or three!) narrowed down, start browsing this section.


On this page, next head over to the Travel Information tab and read about how to prepare a researched plan for your next trip. This can be the most exciting part of your vacation – determining what you are going to do, where you will go, how you will get there and other information about your next amazing getaway. Advanced preparation will prepare you for plenty of adventures, both expected and unexpected.


During your research, you may have some other people to consider in your destination planning, particularly children. Head over to the comprehensive Travelling With Children page, where you can learn some critical tips and travel advice when planning a vacation for the whole family. From choosing the right accommodation, to avoiding parental separation or any legal issues at border crossings, this is a necessary read for any guardian heading out with younger travellers.


Your destination should be nearly finalized and the beginnings of a plan should be emerging as well. Now is the best time to find out about entry requirements, like passports, visas, and other required documentations. Read up on this on the Passports and Visas page. There are links to help you find out if any special entrance requirements are needed, including additional documents or fees. After going through this page, head over to the Registration section. There is plenty of information about registering your trip and the importance of checking in with governmental agencies for additional travel advice.


Planning is almost done, the documentation is even taken care of, so what is left? You, of course! The section on Your Health has very important information and travel advice for every traveller, especially those with specific conditions. Taking care of yourself is just as important overseas, so don’t skip these reads. Also, take a look at Overseas Medical Insurance to find out the ins and outs of the complex and often confusing system of insurance. Are you fully covered when you travel? What happens if you need an emergency room, or life saving surgery, how will you pay for it? The answer might be more complicated than you think. This page will answer some of your major questions, give you travel advice and link you up with other important sites.


A little preplanning can go a very long way in ensuring you have the best vacation possible. Whether you want to relax on a beach, hike the heights, or wander the city streets, it is always a good idea to do your research and be prepared for your upcoming vacation. This section provides a comprehensive overview of a number of considerations and reduces the hassles many travellers encounter on vacation by giving you travel advice. So, before you explore your exciting destination, click around the site and explore your options as well as some useful travel advice.


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