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Beautiful. Breathtaking. Bountiful. Belize.


This Central American destination, known for its rainforests, Mayan history, and friendly locals, remains one of the world’s best kept secrets. The tourists that come to Belize keep coming back again and again, being careful not to tell everyone they know how amazing this small country is. More accessible due to its small size than many other Central American countries, Belize can easily be covered in a four day quick travelling adventure. But don’t worry, if you would rather kick back and enjoy a week, or even a month, at this beautiful location, you won’t run out of things to explore.


The climate of Belize is typical of many Caribbean and Central American countries, with a wet season that stretches from May to November. The ‘winter’ months in Belize are a little more rainy that other Central American destinations. Expect coastal areas to have slightly cooler day time temperatures, but very temperate evening numbers.


There are a number of choices of accommodations in Belize, and every traveller should be able to find something that suits their needs. Belize City is a popular option for those that want to stay right in the heart of activity. Although considered a ‘city’, you will find that the urban space of Belize City is accessible and quaint, even for Central America. A number of budgets can easily find their perfect room in this diverse city. Those looking for a bit more peace and quiet can head inland to an accommodation near or within the rainforest. From bungalows to camps, the nature lover in the crowd will fall in love with these accommodation. And finally, for those travelling for a more standard southern vacation, there are a number of large and small scale resorts lining the Caribbean Sea. Regardless of your choice, given the small size of this country, you will be nearby to every attraction Belize has to offer.


Depending on where you decide to stay, your first day in Belize should be spent exploring the incredible culture that this country has to offer. For those staying close to Belize City or within the urban area itself, it is worth your time to take at least half a day exploring. The museum and cultural centre are great places to start during the day, but also walking the streets and talking with locals can be an amazing cultural experience. Since the official language of Belize is a creole version of English, even unilingual speakers should have no problems conversing with the friendly people of Belize. If you are staying more inland, take some time for travelling to a local town or village. There are a number of fabulous cafes and markets in most of the towns, offering visitors a great way to experience the Belize culture wherever they are.


For your second day, it is time to head back in time and learn about the fascinating Mayan history that continues to mark Belize to this day. There are a number of choices throughout the country, depending on what is nearest to you, how much time you wish to spend there, and the level of activity you are seeking. For the best Mayan experience in the entire world, head out of the country to Guatemala and visit Takal. A day trip to Guatemala is possible from almost any part of Belize and many excursion options are available from main tourist sites. If you prefer to stay within the country, El Pilar is the most popular in the Western part of the country while Altun Ha is the most accessible from Belize City. Whatever site you choose, do not miss this amazing experience to see the history of Belize.


It’s day three, and therefore time to explore the rainforests of Central America. There are plenty of ways to trek through these well conserved natural wonders and the excursions available are generally ordered by activity type. Horsebacking remains a popular way to see the rainforest, as does hiking and zip lining. For those seeking a bit more adventure, there are a number of cave exploration excursions available throughout the country. Since most of inland Belize is covered in dense, well preserved and breathtaking rainforest, you won’t be travelling far to experience some of these natural wonders for yourself.


Take some time to relax on your fourth day, kicking back on the sandy beaches of the Caribbean Sea. The islands off the coast of Belize are centres of tourist activity due to their secluded and exclusive beauty, accessible only by boat. While you are out on the water you can partake in sport fishing, scuba diving or snorkelling. All of these activities are popular in the calmer waters of the Caribbean Sea, particularly around the islands. The Belize barrier reef remains a very important destination for scuba divers and snorkelers and is accessible for all experience levels. If you would rather just relax on your fourth day, soak up the sun on one of Belize‘s many beaches. Depending on where you are staying, there are a number of public and private beaches available for you to find your own bit of paradise.


If you decide to spend more than four days in Belize, spread out your time and enjoy everything the attractions have to offer. Consider a couple day excursion in the rainforests that include a night camp, book a night or two on one of the exclusive islands, or spend your entire time in Belize City, getting to know the people that make Belize so popular for tourists in Central America.





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