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Just sit right back

And you’ll hear a tale

A tale of a fateful trip,

That started from this tropic port,

Aboard this tiny ship….


I don’t think anyone wanted to be the castaways of the Minnow on Gilligan’s Island, nor do many people dream of getting stranded without any contact with the outside world. However, most people have dreamt of a vacation on a tropical island away from all of the hustle and bustle of the modern world. A return to a simpler time when you can take each day as it comes, this is Cozumel.



Cozumel MapCozumel is that tropic island, surrounded by the deep blue waters of the Caribbean but with all of the comforts the Minnow castaways had to do without. The island is about 48 km (30 mi) long and 16 km (9.9 mi) wide, and is Mexico’s largest Caribbean island. It is Mexico’s third-largest island, following Tiburón Island and Isla Ángel de la Guarda. It lies some 10 km (6.2 mi) from the mainland and Playa Del Carmen, and 90 km (56 mi) south of Cancun.



No phone, no lights, no motor car,

Not a single luxury

Like Robinson Crusoe

It’s primitive as can be.


Rest assured, the tropical island paradise of Cozumel has phone, lights, motor cars and plenty of luxuries! It’s certainly not primitive, with plenty of amenities, attractions and accommodations. You will not be living as the Minnow castaways, instead surrounded by a developed tourist industry that fuels the economy of this small self-sufficient island. Even with all of its amenities, Cozumel remains one of the most naturally pristine and quiet small Caribbean islands open to international tourists. It’s your top destination for all of the quiet beauty in your tropical destination imaginations.



You will not be living in the huts of Gilligan’s Island, but rather will have the option of many different types of accommodations in Cozumel. All-inclusive resorts have entered the scene, but there are still a number of local hotels. A popular spot for ‘adult only’ accommodations, this island is relaxed and relatively quiet compared to many other hopping destinations.


Cozumel Hotel


Like the cast of Gilligan’s Island, you have the chance to tour the relatively undeveloped natural landscapes of this compelling island. Most of the beauty is found underwater, but do not forget to experience the natural landscape above sea level as well. Take a zip lining adventure above the jungle tree-tops and see the entire island in just a few ‘zips’. Experience a guided hike through the Cozumel island, spotting unique and rare fauna along the way. Or simply feel the sand beneath your toes as you walk the unspoiled white beaches that surround the small island.


Cozumel Tour


Gilligan and his mates turned to the sea mainly for food, but in Cozumel the sea is your main source of fun. Undisputedly one of the best places for scuba diving in the Caribbean, Cozumel is your one stop underwater adventure. Various skill levels can enjoy dipping under the waves and seeing some of the most undisturbed coral in this part of the world. Due to its positioning, Cozumel has a quiet and intact coral system that offers some of the most unique and diverse marine life in the entire Caribbean!



If you prefer to see marine life from a distance, take one of the underwater submarine adventures in Cozumel. Similar to Gilligan’s crew, you will be transported on a tour of the area from the safety and comfort of an underwater vehicle (not the Minnow!). After seeing the animals in their natural habitat, you may be interested in getting up closer to some of the local marine life. Head over to one of the top attractions in the Cozumel area, Chankanaab National Park. While you are there you can have a unique look at some local marine life, including a one of a kind manatee encounter.


Cozumel Submarine


The first mate and his Skipper too

Will do their very best,

To make the others comfortable

In their tropic island nest.


You might not have your very own first mate and Skipper, but you can definitely have your own tropical island paradise that is even more exclusive than Cozumel. Take a motorboat to the private all inclusive beach island of Isla Pasion, a must experience for honeymooners and couples looking for that extra quiet time.


Cozumel Isla Pasion


You will certainly be comfortable in your tropic island nest, away from every last worry of the regular, modern world where you can focus exclusively on your relaxation and quiet time. If you are looking for a true tropical island exclusive paradise, Isla Pasion is your place.


So this is the tale of our castaways,

They’re here for a long long time.

They’ll have to make the best of things,

It’s an uphill climb.


In Cozumel you are not a castaway and it is certainly not an uphill climb. However, after your experience you will probably wish that you were here for a long long time. Making the best of things is not difficult in this developed region where you can find your own corner of tropical island paradise. If it’s a quiet, natural beauty you seek, you do not need to get stranded like the crew of the Minnow. Instead, just head over to Cozumel and get all the serenity they had but with the comforts you enjoy.



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