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Have you ever had a wonderful secret, something that was so amazing you didn’t want to that required you to talk in hushed voices? Your very own secret that you kept close and guarded because it was so breathtaking that it defied words?


After travelling to Curacao, you will have your very own secret just like that.


Curacao Map


Curacao is a small island located in the former Dutch Antilles in the south Caribbean. Although it doesn’t have the square footage you might be used to in other destinations, Curacao is a well-developed tourist destination with plenty of amenities and activities to keep you busy for your entire vacation. There are a large number of accommodations on the island, including urban hotels, large resorts and secluded vacation cabins. Simply decide the type of vacation you are seeking and choose from the large variety of places to stay.


Curacao Beach


One of the secrets of Curacao is its fabulous weather. Due to its position within the Caribbean Sea, the weather is still humid and hot but also comparatively dry. Other than the rainy season in the fall, Curacao receives a relatively small amount of rain, which means you may be lucky enough to see the sun every moment of your vacation! That is quite the secret.


Curacao Diving


It isn’t as much of a secret that Curacao has some of the best and diverse scuba diving sites in the Caribbean. Less traversed and crowded than many destinations, scuba diving and snorkeling in Curacao is the way nature intended it to be. With its unique geography, the calm waters surrounding the island feature a number of different coral features, including the famous ‘Mushroom Forest’. While this is not a secret destination in the scuba diving world, the relatively untouched natural beauty of the shores just off Curacao make it nature’s secret.


Curacao National Park


The nature of Curacao has even more in store when you are travelling to this island of secrets. Christoffel National Park offers you the chance to see the unique flora and fauna of the island up close. Whether you choose to hike, cycle or ride an ATV, you will have the chance to see the secret wildlife of this island in its natural habitat. Beloved by nature lovers, the National Park is the perfect way to see the secrets nature intended.


Curacao Private Beach


Perhaps one of the best secrets when vacationing is the prospect of finding your very own beach. Curacao has miles and miles of uninterrupted coastlines, allowing visitors to stake out their own place in the sand. Depending on your accommodation choice, you may have access to a secret beach that is exclusively your’s. Whether the beach you find is quiet and secluded, or unique and exclusive, every traveler is bound to discover their own secret sandy spot.


Curacao Klein Curacao


If you are looking for even deeper secrets, plan a day trip to Klein Curacao, a small island off the main coast that is uninhabited. Whether you venture there for diving or just a day on the sandy beaches, this small piece of paradise will make you feel that you have found your own secret island. Travelling out to the island is relatively simple, but be prepared to discover raw nature without much human influence.


Curacao Willemson


One of the best-kept urban secrets of the Caribbean is the coastal town of Willemstad. Appearing on the UNESCO World Heritage List, this colourful spot is bustling with a unique culture that many tourists do not even know exists. By day, Willemstad is Curacao’s main urban port with shops, spas and art galleries lining the historic streets. Unique architecture and a vibrant history with a contemporary culture characterize Willemstad and its inhabitants. There is a reason why this best-kept secret ended up on the world’s top list of cultural destinations!


Curacao Festival


By night, the city of Willemstad transforms into an urban haven filled with clubs, casinos and restaurants. While travelling to Curacao you will be compelled to try the exclusive cuisine of this eclectic island. Mixing elements from around the world, the local “krioyo” food is a secret that keeps people travelling to the island over and over again. This vibrant city will make you consider if you should tell the world about this quaint yet bustling town, or keep the secret all for yourself.


Curacao Food


Do you want to have your own top secret destination? A place that is exclusively yours, that most travellers haven’t even heard of? A fabulous tourist destination that is so incredible you hesitate to share the information because you want the place all for yourself? You have found that secret in Curacao!




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