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El Coco Costa Rica








El Coco Costa Rica MapA fun in the sun vacation, where you can dance your worries away under the moon. An endless number of beaches too frequent to adequately name. Local towns popular with the youth of the country and vibrant with activity. El Coco is the ideal place to travel if you are looking for a vacation spent almost entirely outdoors, by day and by night. A top beach destination, El Coco has the perfect spot of sandy wonder for every traveller.


Like most Central American destinations on the Pacific Ocean, El Coco experiences a year round hot and humid climate with a rainy season extending from May to November. Be prepared for the sun and hot weather by packing sunscreen and plenty of light airy clothing. If you plan to hit up the vibrant nightlife activities or take a hike inland, bring a light sweater or jacket. Based on the activities you plan to try on your vacation, be prepared by ensuring you have the right gear suited for the Costa Rican climate.


El Coco Costa Rica Beach


The number one attraction that brings people travelling to El Coco every day of every year is the endless array of beaches. Within a 1-2 hour drive in either direction, there are so many different beach spots that even the most knowledgeable locals don’t know them all. The most difficult part of your vacation will be choosing what is the best beach for your particular adventure. Whether it is the busy and commercialized urban beaches that catch your fancy, or the serene and quiet remote ones, travelling to El Coco means you have your choice of places to sink your toes into.


El Coco Costa Rica Hermosa Beach


The most popular beaches are located near the town of Coco and include Hermosa, Ocotal, Flamingo and Panama. These are the spots that get busy with locals and tourists alike because they are easily accessible and equally beautiful. If proximity is your main concern, you won’t be sacrificing on quality by visiting a closer beach, but you may find they are a little more busy, especially on weekends. These beaches are also the best place to find boating excursions, whether for fishing or just adventure!



El Coco Costa Rica Papagayo


For those seeking a quieter retreat, heading out to the more remote locations on the Papagayo peninsula is the best option. These are best accessed by car or bus and take a little more effort to venture out to (unless you happen to be staying on one of these beaches). However, if it is quiet and a bit more peace that you seek, these beaches will equally awe you in their natural beauty.

el Coco Costa Rica Tamarindo


Finally, if you want to try your hand at some more water sports and are especially interested in visiting another beach town, travelling to Tamarindo is your next best bet. Great for surfers and those seeking other under and above water adventures, this beach is another amazing spot that also has a hopping town to keep you entertained. Take your time to explore both the beach and the town, taking in this very tourist orientated destination.

El Coco Costa Rica Nature


Along with its beaches, the area around El Coco is best known for its natural wonders. A perfect gateway to many of the northern National Parks, El Coco is a good place to begin your adventures further inland. There are a number of locally run excursions to the jungles of the nearby parks, offering attractions to all sorts of activity levels. Whether you want to try your hand at zip lining, or prefer a more traditional hike, these excursions allow you to see the best of Costa Rica’s natural beauty away from the beaches.

El Coco Costa Rica Nightlife


El Coco is also known for what happens after the sun goes down, when this beachside resort town is transformed into a hopping destination for nightlife. Beach parties are commonplace every night, so you don’t need to look far to find your spot under the moon after a day in the sun. If you prefer to continue the chill atmosphere, many cafes and beachside restaurants offer great dining options and cold refreshing drinks. Just because the sun has gone down in El Coco doesn’t mean that the fun stops!

El Coco Costa Rica Stingray


Travelling to El Coco means visiting the largest and most diverse group of beaches along this stretch of the Pacific Ocean. The perfect place for a beach vacation, the various sandy spots surrounding El Coco can meet every beach goer’s expectations. If your mind is cramped with sun and sandy filled vacation ideas, look no further than El Coco – the perfect beach for every one.





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