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Huatulco MapVariety, unique adventures around each corner, diverse flora, incredible views, and plenty to keep every traveller busy – that is Huatulco. Enjoy the amazing beauty of Huatulco nine different ways! This top Mexican destination has nine bays, each with its own unique character and surprises for you to uncover. Not only are there nine different places to explore in this single destination, there are nine things to keep you busy and adventuring every day of your vacation.


The first way to explore Huatulco is through your accommodations. This is a developed and thriving tourist area that has the perfect place to stay for every individual. Whether you opt for the beachfront luxury resorts, the thrifty vacation rentals, the quaint bed and breakfasts, or the standard big name hotels, Huatulco is there to meet your every need.


Huatulco Hotel


When your accommodations are set, it is time to get out and enjoy Huatulco every other way. Experience this destination through its endless stretches of beaches that line many of the nine bays. Almost every bay has a top rated white sandy beach with calm waters protected from the open ocean. If you want to hit the best beach, head over to Playa Santa Cruz, which is conveniently located next to the most developed areas in the region. East of Santa Cruz you will find some other great spots, most of which are also good locations for surfing.


Huatulco Bays


Speaking about surfing, the third way to discover Huatulco is through the variety of watersports possible in the region. From surfing the waves, to boating the oceans, to waterskiing through the bays, discover this region from the water. Boat and other rentals in the area make it easy to hit the waves and dip your feet in each of the nine bays.


Huatulco Surf


Of course, no watersport routine is complete without some scuba and snorkeling. The best spot is certainly Santa Cruz – with its calm waters, diverse marine life, and clear turquoise ocean, there is a reason why this is the top pick for many visitors. If you want to take the road less travelled, head over to one of the other bays to explore the depths, just be aware that not every one of them is suitable for snorkeling due to strong surfs. Excursion planners can help you figure out the best places for diving if you are up to a more adventurous underwater experience.


Huatulco Scuba


The fifth way to enjoy Huatulco will bring you back to dry land. Chacahua National Park is the best place to explore the flora of the region, allowing you yet another way to discover this fantastic destination. This nature reserve offers breathtaking lagoons and dense jungles, all of which are open for exploration by foot. The stunning creatures you encounter, along with the diverse plants and trees, is just another amazing way to discover these unbelievable bays.


Huatulco Butterfly


Huatulco Coffee BeansWhen you are back on land, look for another piece of nature, but this time one that is cultivated by humans – coffee! A number of coffee plantations surround the area of the nine bays around Huatulco and many of them offer tours for the public. You can learn all there is to know about harvesting and making coffee, and even sample some of the wares yourself. Is there a better way to discover a new place than by taste?




When you’ve wet your tongue with some coffee, consider filling your stomach with incredible local cuisine. It should be no surprise that with all of these amazing nine bays this area is famous for its amazing fresh seafood and fused flavors. Enjoy traditional food that has mixed and mingled with Spanish influences, creating a unique palate to be enjoyed by every visitor.


Huatulco Food


Your eighth way to discover Huatulco is through its amazing locals. First, travel back in time and explore some of the archaeological wonders. One of the most developed pre-Spanish settlements on the Pacific coast, Huatulco’s history is as unique as this destination. The best place to venture for some history is the Bocana del Rio Copalita, which features an ancient complex along with a museum. Certainly, one of the best ways to discover a place is through its unique past.


Huatulco Ruins


While you are discovering the history of this region, learn about its contemporary inhabitants by visiting the towns and villages in the area. La Crucecita is the most developed and popular tourist town, a well visited docking site for cruise ships and other ocean travellers. Head to the unique market, explore the shops, wander the streets, or just watch the world go by in this quaint Mexican town. A perfect ninth and final way to enjoy this amazing destination.


Huatulco Shop


Like the nine bays of Huatulco, there are nine fabulous ways to discover this unique destination, ranging from wet to dry, quiet to quaint, savory to tasty. Be prepared to explore all of these nine ways and discover the true character of this one of a kind nine bay destination.



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