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Every vacation should be a relaxed, stress-free and chill experience. But not every destination allows for such a laid back and amenity filled time. If you are searching for such a chance, an opportunity to just unwind and enjoy everything the Caribbean has to offer, you have found your spot. La Romana is the perfect place to enjoy a stress-free vacation in a developed tourist area with so much to offer. Catering to tourism for nearly 30 years, La Romana has all of the amenities to make your vacation as simple and worry-free as possible.


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La Romana continues to develop into a productive tourist zone catering to the needs of nearly every visitor. While there are a number of accommodation options, the large all-inclusive resorts dominate this area. Nonetheless there are a diversity of resorts available to cater to individual and group needs at different price levels. Do some research before you travel to  ensure that your site is the right fit for you or your family in La Romana. With so many options, you are bound to find the ideal spot for you and avoid all of the stresses of finding your ideal accommodation.


If your stress-free vacation involves hitting the links, you have found an excellent spot. Over the past few years, more scenic golf courses are opening along the windswept shores of the Caribbean Sea in close proximity to La Romana. The area is quickly becoming a world-class golf destination with breathtaking tropical courses offering challenges to even the most skilled players. Take a day to try your luck at a ‘birdie’ and experience these high-class courses, such as Dye Fore and The Links.


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Want to do some sightseeing in the area but without all the stress of travelling too far? Altos de Chavon is a good day excursion, ranked as one of the top experiences of the La Romana area. A recreation of a medieval European village, Altos de Chavon offers incredible views, quaint shops and outdoor cafes. There are also a number of museums and interpretative spaces throughout the site that can help you get more acquainted with local history. Whether you want to learn or just wander, Altos de Chavon is the ideal relaxed environment to spend your day.



La Romana is an excellent stress-free choice of destination because it is so closely situated to a number of other cities in the Dominican Republic. In under two hours, you will find yourself in Santo Domingo, the cultural capital of the country. Consider this excursion for excellent history, shopping and nightlife. The largest and most diverse city in the Dominican is easily accessible without any travel stresses from your base in La Romana.


After some day trips and sightseeing, it is always important to unwind on a stress-free vacation. Consider visiting the world famous Tabacalera de Garcia cigar factory. After this visit you will appreciate the art of rolling tobacco and even learn some of the secrets of the trade on your tour of the facility. If you are interested, enjoy one of their famous cigars after the tour to get a true Dominican experience. Whether you are a connoisseur, recreationalist or a non-smoker, the cigar factory tour allows you to appreciate this important local trade and custom.



Nearly every Caribbean destination claims to have the best beaches. But La Romana has reason to assert that title. Nearly every square inch of the coast line around La Romana is white sandy beaches and turquoise water. Some of the best places for swimming and lounging, if you are searching for the best beaches of the Caribbean, La Romana needs to make your short list. After your trip to La Romana, you can be reassured you have found one of the best sandy spots.


With the fantastic beaches in the area you are bound to find the best area for any type of La Romana beachwater sport you want to try. Snorkeling and scuba diving is very popular in the reefs near La Romana. With a number of different equipment rental and excursion options, this area is open to a number of skill and adventure levels. Check in at the local beaches for the best value, but plenty of competition in the area means that you cannot go wrong.


After filling up your days with relaxation, continue your fun well into the night. Home of the merengue, La Romana has a hopping nightlife that begins in the early evening. Many of the resorts offer discos and dance clubs, but consider going into the city for a local experience. Be ready to kick up your heels and dance, this city is always ready for a good party. Shake away any remaining stress on the dance floor and let loose!



Everyone seeks a stress free vacation where there are plenty of accommodation options and stress free amenities; but few tourists actually find such an ideal place. La Romana is that utopia, a developed tourist area that offers any excursion and adventure you seek, all with the comfort you would expect from a stress free vacation. So kick back, relax and take in the Caribbean experience from this oasis of comfort.




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