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Liberia Costa Rica MapCan’t wait to dip your feet into the calm blue waters of the Pacific? But also really want to hike the trails through a real rainforest? For the best of both the wet and dry worlds, centre your vacation around Liberia Costa Rica. A relatively small and authentic Costa Rican town seeped in history, Liberia is the perfect gateway to both the wet and dry natural beauty that the country is so famous for.


Liberia is one of the easiest destinations to get to, as it is only a short drive away from a major international airport. Despite its proximity to major transportation networks and the ease of travelling to the town, many tourists pass through the city but don’t end up staying the night. There are plenty of options for accommodation, if you do decide to remain in this superbly located centre. From small scale hotels run by locals, to larger beachfront resorts further down the coast, Liberia has accommodation amenities to suit tourists travelling through.


Hotels Liberia Costa Rica


Like many Costa Rica‘s destinations, Liberia Costa Rica is dry from January to April, and a bit more wet the rest of the year. Although it does experience considerably less rain than many southern regions, be sure to prepare some rain gear, especially if you are planning a hike in the national parks. Liberia is also a bit more hot and dry than other popular southern spots, so be ready with the light clothing and sunblock. When travelling to Liberia, you are almost certain to encounter amazing weather – another important draw to this destination.


Liberia Costa Rica Monkey


Weather Liberia Costa Rica


The town of Liberia is one of the closest experiences tourists can have of a real, authentic Costa Rican centre. Although the tourist industry is well developed, the locals have remained their own, maintaining a Costa Rican culture that is a welcoming draw for international guests. Within the city centre, visitors have the chance to try some actual Costa Rica cuisine at one of the many local restaurants or cafes. If you stay in Liberia, take some time to immerse yourself in this culturally rich environment. Travelling through this town offers you the chance to experience the country like a local does.


Liberia Costa Rica Horses


The biggest draw for Liberia is its close proximity to three of the largest and most well preserved national parks in Costa Rica – Parque Nacional Santa Rosa, Parque Nacional Guanacaste and Parque Nacional Rincon de la Vieja. The latter is one of the most popular national parks in the entire country as it features a towering active volcano! With hiking and biking trails looping the park and slopes, this park offers you the chance to see the beauty of the region unspoiled by humans. Book one of the many excursions offered by local guides, or start travelling by yourself through this display of natural beauty.


Liberia Costa Rica Beach


Don’t skip out on the other parks, though. Guanacaste has some of the top rated rafting rivers in this part of the world. Whether you are experienced or just looking for a thrill, rafting tours are a constant attraction for the region. Recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Guanacaste is pristinely preserved for the enjoyment of all. Santa Rosa loops around the Pacific Ocean to the west, creating natural borders between land and sea. This park is especially known for its walking trails, a true delight for any experience level.


Liberia Costa Rica Lagoon


After you have experienced the land attractions, it is time to start travelling to the coast from Liberia and cool off in the Pacific Ocean. The beaches in this region (especially Playa Tamarindo) offer some of the best sports fishing opportunities in the entire Pacific Central America. Filled with a variety of marine animals, every visitor should have the opportunity to get their very own ‘big catch’. If you would rather view the animals from their natural habitat, the beaches also offer fabulous opportunities for scuba diving. A real treat in this area of the Pacific, scuba diving around Guanacaste allows humans a glimpse of what lives under the sea.


Liberia Costa Rica Fishing


If Costa Rica is known for its natural beauty, than Liberia is the perfect place to see what this country is truly known for. At the junction between the dry and the wet, this authentic Costa Rican town is your start to an amazing vacation filled with the natural wonders and spectacular beauty you have heard about. Less tourist filled than many southern hotspots, Liberia gives you the chance to see Costa Rica how the locals do.






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