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It is time to plan your vacation, an activity that should be fun and exciting! But inevitably, if you are travelling with friends or family, someone has to compromise and is left feeling less than satisfied. You may want to experience a hopping nightlife, while they would prefer a quaint Oceanside town. You may want to try your hand at a championship golf course, but they would prefer to be out on the water. Well, in Los Cabos you do not need to compromise – everyone can be pleased at this diverse destination filled with activities to suit every taste. If you are looking for that perfect destination that will keep everyone busy and satisfied for your entire stay, you can end your search at ‘Land’s End’.


Los Cabos Family Beach


Los Cabos has some of the best weather on the west coast of Mexico, with a relatively dry and warm season stretching from November to April. With so many days of delicious sunshine, it should be no surprise that the accommodation industry is very well developed in the area. Expect a variety of modern hotels and all-inclusive resorts with oceanfront properties. The majority of these are situated in the ‘corridor’, a stretch of land between the two principal towns in the area, San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. While this distance between the two is over 30km, travelling between the sites is relatively simple with hotel buses and taxis.


Los Cabos Map


Los Cabos Hotels


One thing no one has to compromise on during their vacation to Los Cabos, is access to the ocean and the Sea of Cortes and all of the diverse sports available to every visitor. If you are fortunate enough to visit in winter, you may catch a glimpse of the world’s largest mammal on a whale-watching excursion. During the winter months, various species of whales (and tourists!) migrate to this area to enjoy the warmer waters.


Los Cabos Whales


If you haven’t had enough of the marine life after your whale adventure, head out for some sport fishing. One of the reasons why Los Cabos boomed into a tourist destination, the fisherman is bound to be impressed with their catch.


Los Cabos Marlin


With endless water bordering nearly every point in Los Cabos, there is no shortage of watersports available to try. Whether it is snorkeling, deep sea diving, boating, parasailing or swimming, the seas surrounding this destination are perfectly suited for every level, but especially attracts some of the most avid water-sportsmen in the world. With water comes beaches, and Los Cabos has no shortage of great beach spots. Especially along the corridor where most of the resorts and hotels are, beaches are aplenty and no one in your group should have to compromise that perfect sunny spot in the sand.


Los Cabos Parasailing


Los Cabos Beach


Not everyone enjoys the water, and even though it is Los Cabos’ main attraction the land-lovers in your group will not be disappointed. Send them over to one of the championship golf courses in the area. If the ocean popularized Los Cabos as a tourist destination, the creation of these courses sealed the deal. One of the top recommended golf destinations in North America, the golfer in your group does not have to compromise their desire to experience a truly unique tropical landscape bordering on the ocean and the Sea of Cortes.



Los Cabos Golf


There is most certainly someone in your group that wants to head out to a bustling town with impeccable nightlife. No need for them to compromise here! Instead head over to Cabo San Lucas, where you will find bars, clubs, and discos that blare into the early morning hours. Consider heading there a little earlier in the day so you can take a boat excursion out to the famous El Arco, a breathtaking natural arch that marks the gateway to the Pacific Ocean. Before heading out on the town, check out a local beachfront restaurant that serves fresh seafood while you take in the impeccable scenery.


Los Cabos Arch


Los Cabos Party


There is almost certainly someone in your group that would prefer to take things a little slower, and would be content strolling through a quiet and laid back Mexican town. Again, there is no need to compromise in Los Cabos, simply head over to the northern town of San Jose del Cabo. Here you will find narrow cobblestone streets with quaint cafes and restaurants. The pace is slower, the plazas are shadier, and the experience is truly Mexican.



San Jose Del Cabo - Los Cabos


Are you feeling like you have to please everyone in your group with your vacation planning? Are you faced with a diverse number of people that want to have their own version of a perfect vacation? No one needs to compromise their ideal vacation when they travel to Los Cabos, a destination that is suitable for everyone from the active sportsman, to the laid back wanderer, to the partygoer. Los Cabos is your answer to pleasing everyone in your group.




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