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Montego Bay MapAre you a city or a country mouse? Does the hustle and bustle of an urban centre get your vacation sense twitching, or do you prefer the quiet serenity of nature and outdoor activities? Do you want to soak up the sun or meander in the moonlight? Do you want to use your time to experience the hip and modern, or head back to a quieter and simpler time? Montego Bay appeals to both your city and country sides, offering an excellent balance of urban adventure and natural beauty.


Your choice of accommodation is one of the first places to start when building your ideal Montego Bay vacation. If you city side is calling you, pick a luxury hotel or a local discount spot right in the middle of the city. The urban environment offers plenty of budgetary options and you will be right in the middle of all the action. If your country side is calling that day, opt instead for a place outside the city. With smaller hotels, quaint B&Bs, and mega resorts, the country offers a plethora of accommodation choices. Here you can come closer to nature while still being within reach of the city.


Montego Bay Hotel


Montego Bay Town Hotel


Urban dwellers are truly going to feel revived in Montego Bay, a city filled with shops, clubs, restaurants and entertainment options. Keep busy during the day by wandering the markets and shopping centres. If you are looking for an authentic Jamaican handicraft, head over to an outdoor market in the city centre. Old Fort Craft Park offers the largest selection of handmade goods, while Montego Freeport is the most accessible and popular spot. Come with a set price in mind so you can bargain your way to a good deal.


Along with its markets, Montego Bay also caters to the large number of luxury travelers that pass through the city. Check out small complexes on resorts, such as Half Moon Plaza, to find more upscale stores. Whatever your budget, Montego Bay is the place to shop all day long.


Montego Bay Old Fort Craft


Montego Bay Market


After a long day of shopping, head over to a local bar or club to catch some of the best beats in the Caribbean. Montego Bay nightlife is hopping all year round, seven days a week, so don’t miss your chance to hop along with it. Different clubs cater to different budget levels and musical tastes, but wherever you go expect to find a relaxed atmosphere that will keep you jamming until sunrise. Whether you prefer the laid back beats of reggae, or some faster dance tunes, Montego Bay’s nightlife is a must for every urban dweller.


Montego Bay Bar


If the thought of crowds and loud music is unappealing to you, do not fret, Montego Bay is also for the laid back and quiet seeking vacationer. A strong contrast to the hype of the city is the serene coastal landscape. Scenic white beaches line the blue waters of the Caribbean, offering the perfect spot for you to rest and relax under the beautiful Jamaican sun. Most resorts front on beach property, but there are plenty of public beaches in the area that are equally as fabulous. Satisfy your need for peace and quiet at some of the best stretches of coastline in the country.



Sometimes even your country side can get restless. When you have the urge to move from the beach but not into the city, consider hitting the links instead. Jamaica’s number one golf spot, Montego Bay is filled with a number of challenging courses that offer a beautiful tropical landscape as a backdrop. Truly one of the most scenic golfscapes in the world, Montego Bay offers a variety of courses that will all take your breath away. Indulge your country side by heading to the country club, a decision that will never regret.


Montego Bay Beach


Montego Bay Golf


Montego Bay is all about finding a harmony between the urban and the rural, the bustle and the quiet, the busy and the relaxing, the day and the night. Visiting Montego Bay involves indulging both your city and country side, appreciating the balance between lifestyles that has come to characterize the area since its touristic development. So hit the market, the beach, the links and the clubs, and experience the Jamaican way of life.


Montego Bay Faces




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