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Negril Beach Chairs


Looking for a small, quaint and quiet Jamaican vacation, far away from larger settlements and the stresses of cities? Searching for that patch of paradise that is reflective of real Jamaican culture with the laid back attitude that has made this island so famous? Negril is the end of your search. Whether you are hoping for a quiet honeymoon, a more cultural family experience, or want to see the natural untouched beauty alone, Negril is a contrast to all of the bigger and bustling resort cities on the island.


Negril Beach Wear


Like much of Jamaica, Negril has a year round tropical climate that is relatively dry, hot and humid. While the temperatures are relatively consistent, there is more rain and humidity during the summer months. When packing for your visit to Negril, beach wear is an absolute must, but don’t forget rain gear, especially if you are planning your trip during the wet season.


Your first decision is accommodations, and Negril offers a number of choices that suit every dream tropical vacation. From luxury resorts on the beach, to scenic spots on the cliffs, to quaint and interactive local hostels, Negril is open for discovery in every place you wish. Wherever you choose to stay, you will be immediately overcome by the relaxed and laid back attitude of the accommodation. Be ready to sit back and chill, soaking in the tropical atmosphere and breathtaking scenery from the comfort of your room.


Negril Hotel


Negril Hotel Cliff


One of Negril’s most famous attractions is the scenic uninterrupted white sandy beach bordering the Caribbean Sea. Consistently rated one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world, Negril’s coastline alone attracts many international tourists. Offering some of the most clear and turquoise blue water in the region, the famous ‘seven mile beach’ could entertain you for your entire holiday. There are plenty of vendors, cafes, and activities along the stretch to keep even the most active people in your group happy. Whether you want to horseback through the gentle waves, or sink your toes into the warm sand and just chill, Negril’s coastline is the premier attraction for everyone in this region.


Negril Beach


The other natural feature that attracts so many tourists to the Negril region is the breathtaking cliffs that the area is most likely named for. These famous heights offer the perfect backdrop to your tropical vacation and are a scenic addition to your travels through the region. You can choose to view the cliffs from above or below, taking in the sight during a hike or a boat ride. Whether you choose the wet or dry option, do not forget your camera!


Negril Cliff Jump


It is no wonder that these beautiful cliffs have turned into a unique attraction for the last few decades. Rick’s Café and the cliffs surrounding it attract tourists from all over Jamaica who want to take in the amazing spectacle of cliff jumpers, and even try the daring sport for themselves. Whether you are a risk seeker yourself and want to try your ‘dive’ into the sparkling ocean below, or would prefer to watch some of the skilled locals do it, Rick’s Café is a must see during your trip to Negril. Be sure to plan your visit around the sun set, as the spot offers some of the most spectacular evening colours in the entire Caribbean. Despite the name ‘Café’, most people head here for the scenery, daring jumps and some drinks, although food is offered on site.


Rick's Cafe


Rick's Cafe Jump


Close your eyes and imagine the perfect tropical destination. A lounge chair under a cooling palm tree, situated next to stunning blue waters. A relaxed village atmosphere with cool beats and welcoming locals. Natural unspoiled beauty with tourist amenities that work with the landscape. Now open your eyes. You are in Negril.



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