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PLAY: 1. Engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose. (Oxford Dictionary)


There is certainly no coincidence that Playa del Carmen has the word ‘play’ right in its name. This is such a playful destination filled with a variety of activities that are open to every member of the family. Pack your fun side and bring along all your friends and family to the unofficial playful destination of the Caribbean. Originally a small fishing community located about 70Km south of Cancun, Playa del Carmen have been transformed by the tourism industry the past few years.


Playa Del Carmen Map


Your first decision in creating your playful vacation is choosing suitable accommodations. Playa del Carmen and the surrounding Riviera Maya is dominated by all inclusive resorts of varying budget levels. This is where your ‘play’ begins, as these places are your base for your trip. Most resorts offer many options to keep you busy during your off time, and can also help you book other excursions. When you come to play, the resort is where it all begins.


Playa del Carmen Hotel 2


Playa del Carmen Hotel b

Play with your whole family at one of the Eco Parks in the area. This is an opportunity for you playing to reach new heights, with zip lining through the jungle! If you prefer to go down rather than up, snorkel with some of the area’s native fish.

Playa del Carmen Turtle
Or, stay dry and walk through the protected areas to see other local wildlife and spectacular landscapes. Of course, you can always watch others play and take in a Mayan dance performance or concert. With something for everyone, the Eco Parks are a top destination for play in a place that is built on it! 

Playa del Carmen Dance


Whether at an Eco Park or during a separate excursion, your play filled vacation needs to be supplemented with the gorgeous landscape unique to this area. A large collection of cenotes are found in the Riviera Maya surrounding Playa del Carmen. Imagine the breathtaking experience of swimming in crystal clear waters surrounded by steep rocks and unique formations. An absolutely unforgettable experience, a cenote is a definite area to play in and enjoy the beauty of the Mexican tropical landscape.


Playa del Carmen Cenote


With a destination focused on play, no one should be surprised that this area of Mexico is where you go for a day on the links. Every golfing enthusiast needs to set aside a day to play out on the course. With eight options in the nearby area and plenty more north in Cancun, playing golf was never so easy and exciting. Tee off against the backdrop of the Caribbean ocean or tropical jungle as you play through courses designed by notables including Jack Nicklaus and Nick Price.


Playa del Carmen Golf


No one should ever play alone, and in Playa del Carmen you can actually ‘play’ with some amazing marine life. Every summer, a large migration of whale sharks turns up along the shores. Could you imagine spending part of your vacation with a shark? Don’t worry, these sharks play nice and are some of the gentlest large animals of the world. If you are visiting from May to September, be sure to check out this once in a lifetime opportunity.


Playa del Carmen Whale Shark


After so much playing, it is of course important to do some learning, too. But that doesn’t have to be boring – learning about an ancient culture on the site of some of their greatest achievements will feel just like play. The area surrounding Playa del Carmen is the central spot for discovering the Mayans of Mexico. Venture out to some of the most intriguing Mayan ruins of the Western hemisphere and delve into a different world. These sites are sure to inspire play in your mind and you marvel at this mysterious culture.


Playa del Carmen Mayan Ruins


To English speakers, Playa del Carmen may seem to be all about playing and having fun (which it is!). But Playa is actually Spanish for ‘beach’. Therefore, you would be missing out on the key feature of its name if you didn’t check out the white sandy beaches of the area. Unfortunately Playa del Carmen was hit with a major series of hurricanes a few years ago and the beaches were significantly affected. There are still some amazing spots in the Riviera Maya, but you may find yourself searching for that hidden gem a little harder. Despite the difficulties, the beaches are recovering and new marine life is moving in.


Playa del Carmen Beach


Playa del Carmen is your one stop spot for playing. Whether you are playing the best game of your life out on the course, or finding new friends to play with as you swim with sharks, or are playing with the whole family at an endless Eco Park, Playa del Carmen is catered to your fun and play time. So get out there and remember all of enjoyment playing brings to you and your family!



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    Playa del Carmen is one of my favorite places in Mexico. The ruins in this area are really cool, and we spent the best day at Xel-ha!

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