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Puerto Plata




Few places in the Caribbean offer the culturally rich and relaxing experience that can be found in Puerto Plata. An excellent destination for the adventurous tourist that is seeking a diversity of experiences, Puerto Plata is one of the top destinations of the Dominican Republic where you can enjoy the perfect balance between sunny beaches, nature retreats, and historic sites. With all major amenities within a short distance from the many resorts in the area, you are situated at the gateway to exploring this culturally rich country.


Puerto Plata is located on the northern shores of the Dominican Republic, contained between the Atlantic Ocean and the imposing mountain of Pico Isabel de Torres. The resort area of the city is spread out but primarily concentrated in the areas of Playa Dorada and Costa Dorada along the coast. With the extremely large number of resorts and hotels in the area, Puerto Plata offers a variety of accommodations to suit your personal desires and preferences.



The culturally minded traveller will never run out of things to do in the Puerto Plata area. Be sure to visit the 16th century Fort San Felipe, constructed to protect the area from pirate attacks. Engage in the history of the area of Puerto Plata by following a recorded tour throughout the site, stopping to learn about the artifacts of this nationally important structure, and imagine what it was like to live in the area centuries ago. More historic sites are only a short excursion away. A quick ride will find you in Sosua, a market filled and bustling small town. A little further in the opposite direction is La Isabela, an archeological site perfect for the adventurous historian seeking to explore the once abandoned settlement of Christopher Columbus.


Willing to go a little bit further in search of adventure from Puerto Plata? There are a number of options to get you to Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. The oldest continually inhabited European settlement of the New World offers a large array of colonial attractions. Immerse yourself in a bygone era and enjoy the rich history and museums this city has to offer. Santo Domingo is a definite stop for the culturally aware tourist but also offers diverse options for shopping and nightlife. Although this destination is a bit further afield (approx. 200 km), a number of one and two day excursions are offered by local companies. Do not miss this impeccably maintained historic city that ended up becoming the gateway to the New World for Spanish explorers for centuries.


After some sightseeing of human creations, head out to see some natural wonders of the Caribbean. With a number of wet and dry natural areas close by, Puerto Plata has a number of options for the nature-lover. First, be sure to take a trip up to Pico Isabel de Torres. Whether you choose the cable car or a good old-fashioned hike, the view from the top of the mountain is worth all of your effort. With spectacular views surrounded by a nature reserve, the outdoor-lover can easily spend a day here enjoying the Caribbean landscape.


After some time on dry land, you may be itching to catch a dip in the sea. Along the coastline of Puerto Plata you will find excellent spots for snorkeling. Take a day or half day trip out a little further off shore to engage in some diving or fishing. If you are hoping to see some marine life of the Atlantic but do not want to dip in yourself, consider visiting Ocean World, the largest facility of its kind in this area of the Caribbean.


After a long day of exploring, it is always nice to unwind and enjoy the comforts a resort has to offer… unless you are seeking a hopping world of nightlife! Puerto Plata and the small towns surrounding it offer a variety of nightlife options. Learn to dance the merengue at one of the discos; engage with Dominican natives at the many local clubs.; try your luck at a casino; browse the many shops in nearby neighbourhoods; or simply go off site to enjoy fresh seafood at one of the many restaurants in the city and surrounding area. However you are looking to spend your evening hours, Puerto Plata is the place to be.



You’ve taken in some of the culturally diverse sites, visited the historic cities of the Dominican, taken in the breath taking views, and even learned to dance merengue. But your vacation to the Dominican Republic is never complete without some relaxation and down time. Offering white sandy beaches and bright blue water, Puerto Plata has endless options to unwind. Enjoy the scenery from your beach chair as you listen to the whistling breeze through the palm trees. Cool down in the blue ocean water as local bands play on the sand. After a few days of exploring, be sure to schedule some down time to enjoy the chill Caribbean way of life.


Puerto Plata is an excellent hub of activity for the culturally minded traveller that is seeking some adventurous excursions off site. Whether you want to take in some of the best views in the area or some of the oldest European structures in the New World, Puerto Plata is where it all begins. With a large number of hotels and resorts to choose from, you can create a vacation that is just right for you.



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