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Runaway Bay







The name says it all: Runaway Bay is the place that you travel if you want to ‘runaway’ from the crowds of tourists flocking to the Caribbean. It is a perfect, secluded and quiet destination that still has all of the services, scenery and good times you would expect from Jamaica – but on a smaller scale. Travelling here is like running away from the crowds of tourism and into the welcoming arms of Jamaican locals.


Runaway Bay Map


Located only 20km from the borders of Ocho Rios and an hours drive away to Montego Bay, Runaway Bay is situated on the north shore of Jamaica that has been attracting visitors for decades. Expect a humid tropical climate with a relatively dry season stretching from January to June. While you might need a sweater in the evenings, most of your trip will be sent under the hot Caribbean sun, so never forget your sunscreen and hat!


Runaway Bay Hotel


Given its small size, there are few accommodation options in Runaway Bay and larger resorts almost exclusively serve the area. Nonetheless, reaching from economical to luxurious, these resorts offer plenty of value or comfort depending on the needs of the tourist. Nearly every location is ideally situated and packed with activities and amenities to keep your vacation vibrant and busy.


Runaway Bay Beach


Runaway Bay Beach1


Travelling to Runaway Bay is like arriving in your own paradise, set up just for your own comfort and exclusive use. One of its most significant attractions is the quiet and serene beaches that line the breathtaking clear waters of the Caribbean. While the beaches of Runaway Bay are just as beautiful as nearby Montego Bay or Ocho Rios, this destination offers something the others do not – peace and quiet! The beaches of Runaway Bay are noticeably more peaceful with fewer tourists, less vendors and more white sandy space for your toes to sink into.


Runaway Bay Golf


You do not need to travel too far from your exclusive resort to find some activities to keep you busy during your holiday. For example, pick one day to head over to the Golf Club at Jewel Runaway Bay for a day on the links. Less populated than many other Caribbean courses, this golf club is the perfect stop for every green lover and is centrally located in the small town.


Runaway Bay Flora


The landscape around Runaway Bay is similar to its more populous neighbour, Ocho Rios, and therefore be prepared to enjoy the same scenery but at a quieter pace. Enjoy the rolling hills surrounding Runaway Bay on a hiking excursion, or take some time to travel further inland to one of the nature reserves. Whether you explore the endless flora by river boat, horseback, hiking shoes, or even helicopter ride, the unparalleled and untouched beauty will awe even the most experienced Caribbean traveller.


Runaway Bay Snorkeling


If you are used to travelling to the Caribbean, you may be used to the amazing snorkeling and diving experiences available in many of these destinations. Runaway Bay is no different, but once again, these sites are less frequented by many visitors and are therefore more naturally beautiful and untouched compared to the more busy sites. Diving around Runaway Bay is like swimming in your very own sea with endless limits. If you ever dreamed about escaping the crowds of tourists dipping in the Caribbean Sea, Runaway Bay is your spot.


Runaway Bay Pool Bar


For all of its peace and quiet, Runaway Bay is also conveniently located less about an hour away from Montego Bay, one of the most hopping and bustling cities in Jamaica. If you ever crave the city life and want to check out some of the good shopping areas on the island, all you need is to take an hour drive down the highway by hired car or shuttle and you will be in Montego Bay swaying your hips to those familiar vibes.


Runaway Bay Bar


When travelling to Runaway Bay you can expect all of the amenities and activities of its more famous neighbours, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay, but also see a town that is less developed and discovered on a large scale. That means most of the spaces can be your very own, exclusive paradise open only to you and your travelling companions. ‘Runaway’ from the crowds of tourists and arrive in Runaway Bay, the pristine and breathtaking destination on the north shore of Jamaica.






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