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Samara Costa Rica






Samara MapWhen you travel around the world, do you ever wonder how the locals live? Are you curious about the authentic culture of the place you are visiting, but still appreciate the luxuries of tourist accommodations? Travelling to Samara Costa rica allows you to experience real Costa Rican culture set against the backdrop of your tropical vacation dreams.


Samara is situated on the Pacific side of the country with an unspoiled coastline reaching as far as the eye can see. Despite its remote location, it is still within close enough distance to San Jose and Jaco, allowing for day trips to the bigger centres of Costa Rica. Because Samara Costa Rica is situated on the coast, prepare for a tropical climate with slightly cooler nights and almost endless sunshine during the dry months.


Samara Costa Rica Hotel


Despite its small size, Samara is ready to receive a variety of guests and therefore has a number of accommodation options to suit nearly everyone. If you are travelling through, you will be faced with a number of places to stay, but all on a smaller scale – from quiet guesthouses and intimate bungalows, to locally run hotels, to seaside bed and breakfasts. One of the most charming things that keep people coming back to Samara is this small scale. So be ready to step outside the mega resorts and inside an intimate paradise.


Samara Costa Rica Beaches


Its position on the Pacific Ocean makes Samara one of the best centres to begin your water soaked adventures. Consistently labeled as one of the best beaches in Central America, Samara is ready to please every guest’s ocean dreams. Forge your own sun soaked sandy paradise along the endless stretch of beach reaching from one end of the town to the other. With shallow waters that stretch far from shore, this is an ideal beach for anyone to enjoy lapping in the ocean.


Samara Costa Rica Coral


Travelling a bit further from the beach, towards the endless expanse of the ocean, will reveal even more opportunities for adventure. Samara is adorned with unique coral and marine life just a short distance from shore. Even first-time snorkelers will be comfortable in the calm waters, in awe of the beautiful underwater ecosystems within arm’s reach. More experienced divers can venture further out to sea for unique scuba excursions. If you are used to the Atlantic or Caribbean, the Pacific Ocean can be quite the treat, even for the seasoned veteran!


Samara Costa Rica Fishing


Along with underwater adventures, there are plenty of above water activities in the Pacific to keep you wet. Wind and body surfing are popular, given the large waves and relative shallows close to the beach. Offering some of the best crests in this part of the world, every visitor should at least try to grad a board and get out there. After your surfing adventure, cool off in the ocean breeze on a boating excursion. Whether you want to try your luck at landing the big catch, or just want to sip some wine as you watch the sun set over the expansive ocean in front of you, there are plenty of opportunities to rent or hire a variety of boats. Travelling to Samara Costa Rica truly does mean travelling to an ocean paradise!


Samara Costa Rica Village


Along with its array of ocean activities, Samara is unique for being a quaint yet bustling Costa Rican town. Filled with every trade, from fisherman to ranchers, Samara is the perfect slice of real Costa Rican culture. Although the town is small and can be covered in a short time, every corner offers a new opportunity to learn about this fascinating culture. Whether you sit at a café drinking in the local culture and cuisine, or watch the fishing vessels returning from their day at sea, or visit the seaside market, Samara is your gateway to the authentic Costa Rica.


Samara Costa Rica Food


Samaran natives are used to visitors, as this town has been popular with locals and foreigners alike for decades. Nonetheless, be sure to brush up on your Spanish before you travel – while many people working in tourism have English skills, if you want to really learn about Costa Rican culture, the best way is to converse in their native language. A few words of Spanish will greatly enhance your experience, allowing you to hear first hand the best-kept secrets of Samara and the Costa Rican culture.


Samara Costa Rica Sunset


Many people talk about travelling to Costa Rica, having that perfect beach vacation with water adventures. Many of those people will stay in a mega resort or sprawling hotel and never get to experience the real Costa Rican culture. If you want to break the mold and have your beach vacation but within the context of an authentic Costa Rican town, Samara Costa Rica is the spot!






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