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Sosua is calling every tourist looking for a customizable Caribbean vacation! This is your destination if you want to shape your own adventure with a diversity of wet and dry activities. From surfing to snorkeling, to waterfalls and calm waters, Sosua is your gateway to exploring your wet and wild side. With a thriving nightlife but also the opening to a real Dominican experience, Sosua is the top place in the Dominican Republic to ‘choose your own adventure.’


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This culturally diverse town is very close to the Puerto Plata airport and is easily accessible to everything in the region. In Sosua, there are also a number of accommodation options available to suit your every desire. From all-inclusive resorts, to local hotels and hostels, to condo rentals, choosing your own adventure starts from the very beginning. With a large population of Europeans and other Caribbean citizens, Sosua is a culturally diverse town with amenities for every traveller and a surrounding area that can inspire the adventurous side in everyone.


The sheltered waters surrounding the beaches of Sosua offer the perfect atmosphere for snorkeling. Whether you fancy a quick dip a short ways out or would prefer a longer trek to the reefs, snorkeling from the beach is easy and convenient with a number of rentals available either from your hotel or private vendors. Head to Playa Sosua for the most snorkeling options and consider a half-day or full day excursion to more secluded spots along the coastline. Whatever you choose, you will be greeted with a diversity of marine life that thrives in the unique and calm reefs surrounding Sosua. If you prefer a quiet beach with less hustle and bustle, head to the new naturally formed beach of Playa Alicia.



A short trip to the east from Sosua will bring you to Cabarete, a beautiful beach that is the top destination for wind seekers. Expect to see a rainbow coloured sky decorated with kite surfers trying their skills on the championship waves. From beginners to advanced, Cabarete is your destination for trying your hand at flying. If you want to take a wave the more traditional way, a short 3km trek from Cabarete will bring you to one of the top surfing destinations of the Caribbean. With plenty of equipment rentals and sales on site, all you need is yourself and a little bit of adventure.


If you want to enjoy the water but stay out of the sea, consider a waterfall tour. The area surrounding Sosua is known world wide for its breathtaking naturally spring fed waterfalls. Choose from hour long to full day excursions or driven visits or hikes to see these unique wonders. Some tour options even allow you to swim in the pools and caves surrounding the falls. Be sure to bring your swimsuit and cool off in the natural falling waters.


After a day in or on the water be sure to refresh yourself in the evening by checking out the array of nightlife options. Whether you are seeking a beachfront bar to sample the local rum, or a disco to dance the night away, Sosua is the capital of nightlife in the Dominican. Don’t miss out on everything this hopping town has to offer after dark. If you would rather keep things mellow, check out a local restaurant. With a diverse population of Caribbeans and Europeans, you are sure to find food to suit your own taste. A short taxi ride will get you to the best sites where you can finish off your day in style, in whatever way you choose.



In addition to having nearly everything for the water lover, Sosua is the gateway to an authentic Dominican experience. If you are feeling adventurous and excited to experience the actual Dominican way of life, head away from the tourist centres. The local marketplace in Sosua is the location to try out your bargaining skills and find authentic handicrafts. While many tourist and souvenir shops offer similar items, the marketplace is the best stop for local items at a better price.


If the tourist scene is getting old and you are really seeking a Dominican experience, consider heading further east down the coast. You will also be escaping many taken for granted amenities, so be prepared. However, only 30 minutes down the coast you will find serenity and exclusiveness in Las Canas. If you are seeking tranquility and a real look at the Dominican way of life, head out from Sosua and begin your adventure.


With a diversity of wet and dry activities, the town of Sosua and its surrounding area can be shaped to fit every visitor’s expectations. Offering such a diversity of choices, Sosua is really the destination to ‘choose your own adventure’ and customize your Caribbean vacation.




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