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There are many ways to get to a location and experience what it has to offer.  You might want to consider walking, bicycling or travelling by car. Most travellers choose to use a transportation provider to reach their destination, and then use another one once they get there. The transportation used by the majority of people will be either airplane, train, bus, or car rental. You will need one form or another to travel within Canada, and definitely so if you’re travelling outside Canada.


Obviously, travelling around Canada, from city to city, cannot be done on foot. Canada is the second largest country in the world. A means of transportation is a must, unless you love to walk and have a lot of time, even months to cover the entire country!


The following buttons will direct you to the various types of transportation you may wish to use within Canada or outside Canada.  Also listed are Canada’s major airports.


Air Carrier Car rental Train/Bus Airports


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