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Jaco Costa Rica Travelling Map 1The identity of Jaco is both sand and city, peace and pomp, sun and shade, day and night. Many visitors to this vibrant centre come back for the unique experience of having the sand and city right at their fingertips. This place is a perfect balance between the sunny tropical destinations one expects in Costa Rica and the hopping urban scene that many travellers live for. The two identities of this travelling hot spot ensures that you can live it up and live it all during your next trip to the tropics. Divide your time like the identity of the centre, into day and night, so you can enjoy the full extent of this hopping place.


Jaco is situated on the Pacific coast east of the capital, San Jose. Due to its position on the ocean, visitors can expect hot and humid temperatures that are a few degrees warmer than the inland cities. If you are visiting Jaco from a base in San Jose, remember to pack for the sun! You most likely won’t require a sweater at night, so prepare lightly.


Jaco Costa Rica Travelling Hotel


If you are travelling to Costa Rica and planning to make Jaco your base, rather than the more populous San Jose, there are a number of accommodation options. Ranging from the beach front bungalows, to the luxury resorts on the coast, to the quaint local inns, Jaco is set up for every visitor, local and foreign alike. Expect to see many Costa Ricans enjoying this popular destination right alongside the foreign guests.


Jaco Costa Rica Travelling Night


Your time in Jaco is usually best divided into day and night. Of course it is the beach that attracts the most visitors during the day, especially from nearby inland destinations. If you are travelling from San Jose or another centre, consider spending at least one night in Jaco so you can get the entire experience of this party hotspot. When the sun goes down in Jaco, the fun is only just getting started.


Jaco Costa Rica Travelling Beach


Begin your day enjoying some of the golden sunshine that originally put Jaco on the tourist map. It is one of the busiest and most loved beaches in Costa Rica for a reason – it is absolutely breathtaking! The closest beach to the capital, it should be of no surprise that people flock to this sandy paradise every day. Because it is so popular, prepare for large amounts of people and crowds, constant activity and things to do. While Jaco is not your place to relax and sink your toes into some serene and quiet sand, the beach is still well kept and beautiful. If you are seeking a more active beach resort, Jaco should definitely make your list!


Jaco Costa Rica Travelling Surf


Along with its active and constant stream of new people, Jaco also has some of the best surfing in Costa Rica. There are a number of beginner to expert renting and excursion options, along with plenty of other boating and water trips to keep every human fish happy. Jaco’s well developed tourist industry is the biggest asset if you are seeking an adventure on the water – it is almost impossible to go wrong in picking a service provider with this much competition.


Jaco Costa Rica Travelling Park


If your first day is spent on the sand, your second day should be spend in the forest. Jaco is conveniently situated near the national parks and forest reserves that make Costa Rica so famous with nature lovers. The Manuel Antonio National Park is a close one hour drive from Jaco and offers some of the most spectacular sites of any national park. Situated along the coast, this smaller park allows visitors to see both the marine and forest ecosystems of Costa Rica. Travelling to the park is simple – there are local buses and planned excursions leaving daily!


When you’ve spent your day hours outside, it is time to experience Costa Rica under the stars. The beach of Jaco doesn’t stop its party, even when people are finishing soaking up the sun. The bustle of the day becomes a hum of activity during the night, as both locals and foreigners come together to enjoy one of the biggest beach parties in the world.


Jaco Costa Rica Travelling Party


When you have had enough of the beach, but it is still dark out, head over to one of the many dance clubs in the town of Jaco. The party extends well beyond the sand, and Jaco is known throughout Costa Rica as one of the most fun centres in the entire country. Don’t be afraid to venture out at night – while it is important to always take precautions, Jaco is regarded as a safe town and is often crowded with other visitors.


Jaco Costa Rica Travelling Street


Whether it is day or night, your time in Jaco is always a buzz of activity. There are people constantly moving in and out of this town looking for a good time. Whether you find that good time under the sun on the beach or under the roof of a jamming club, Jaco is the party place when travelling in Costa Rica. So kick off your shoes, dance it up and enjoy your next vacation in this unique party spot.





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