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Travelling to Potrero Costa Rica







Potrero Costa Rica Map 1What is your travelling pace? Do you prefer a high speed vacation where you try nearly every activity that is offered? Or is your pace the more relaxed type, where you prefer to laze on a beach for a week? When travelling to Potrero, every visitor has the option to view this amazing destination at one of three paces: peaceful, pleasant and ‘presto’. Whether you want to calm yourself at one of the most tranquil beaches on the Pacific, or prefer to take a wild adventure through the rainforest, Potrero is a place for every pace. Fill your vacation with everything or nothing, or just take the Costa Rican pace of life as it comes – either way, you will be at home in Potrero.


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Whatever pace you choose, you are bound to find an accommodation to match your chosen way of life. Larger beach front resorts dominate the sandy coastlines and appeal to the paces of nearly every guest. With a variety of activities to keep the prestos hopping, but enough quiet to ensure the peacefuls enjoy their vacation, resorts are often the go-to accommodation for many North American visitors. If you want some more privacy to truly experience the destination at your own personal pace, there are also a number of bungalow and condo rental options, perfect for larger groups and honeymooners.


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Potrero is located on the Pacific Ocean and therefore experiences the same climate cycle as Western Central American destinations. With a rainy season dominating from May to October, the best time for travelling to Potrero is when the weather is the worst up north. Plan your trip to correspond with the hot and humid days of ‘winter’ and you will be at ease with any travelling pace that suits you.


Pace #1: Peaceful.

Many visitors to Potrero happily report on their return home that this was one of the most peaceful destinations down south. The relatively quiet beaches and calm atmosphere immediately resets your body’s busy clock.


Potrero Costa Rica Beach 2


Most visitors seeking the peaceful experience will spend most of their time on the beach. If it is tranquility that you are searching for, you don’t need to look any further than the sand right outside your accommodation. Less commercialized and loud than many destinations in Costa Rica, these beaches are your perfect piece of paradise.


Pace #2: Pleasant.

After a few days of peaceful relaxation, you might be ready for a change in pace. Still slow and cal, like the chill atmosphere of this area, the pleasant pace of Potrero is for visitors seeking a bit more out of their vacation experience. There are a number of watersports available near the towns of Potrero and nearby Playa Flamingo. The calm waters offer an excellent opportunity for scuba diving and snorkelling, giving visitors a unique chance to see some of the unique marine life of Costa Rica.


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Taking a pleasant pace in Potrero also means the chance to explore the small towns of Potrero and Playa Flamingo. The relaxed atmosphere of these quiet fishing and tourist towns will keep your pace pleasant, giving you the opportunity to visit the real Costa Rican culture. Wander through the streets, stop at an outdoor cafe, chat with locals, or visit one of the small markets while travelling through these authentic cultural towns.


Pace #3: Presto!

The peaceful pace doesn’t appeal to every guest, and some travellers get restless with too much relaxation. If that sounds like you, don’t worry Potrero also offers a presto pace for the adventurous traveller. Along with all of the other activities already mentioned, a fast paced visitor can also try their hand at reeling in a big catch during a fish excursion. With fishing being the primary industry in this small community, there are a number of opportunities to get a real fishing experience unavailable in a lot of other more commercialized destinations.


Potrero Costa Rica Fishing 1


To increase your pace even more, consider heading out to one of the nearby nature reserves and experiencing the wonders of Costa Rican flora and fauna. The rainforests near Potrero offer endless opportunities to explore what has made the country so famous for tourists for so long. Whether your pace is a leisurely stroll or ATV ride, or a zip lining or hiking adventure, the nature reserves surrounding Potrero appeal to the presto pace!


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Every visitor has their own pace, a speed at which they enjoy doing different activities. Most destinations accommodate a single pace, either full out adventure or calm tranquility. When travelling to Potrero, however, you will be greeted by a pleasant surprise: the chance to choose your own pace. Whether you prefer an entire week of peaceful beaches, or want to vary your pace from day to day, Potrero has just the right speed for you.






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