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Shopping a holiday destination online has become a reality for more and more people. Internet is not only used to order a pizza or to look at the prize of the latest gadget, it is now used to book a vacation, flights, hotels and car rental.


This site is all about information, advice and tips to book a getaway for your pure pleasure. You think that you have a better deal by booking online your next vacation because everything is on the web today. It is not necessarily true. Continue to read below.

Why an On-Line Travel



online agency

One great benefit of on-line travel booking is the convenience:  you can make travel plans quickly with your fellow travellers, when it’s convenient for you, whether it be at home or elsewhere in the evening or on weekends. Thanks to the Internet, you can quickly book your vacation, including airline tickets, accommodations, car rental or other transportation, activities and excursions, etc.


Travel websites generally allow you to save money because you don’t have to enlist the services of a personal travel agent who charges additional fees. By using travel portals, you can go directly to the official website of your preferred hotel and grab great deals.


You will also have the opportunity to take advantage of discounts that are only offered to those who make on-line bookings. If you know what you want, travel websites are for you. On-line travel agencies sometimes partner with tour operators but this is not always the case.  That’s one more reason to shop around for your next vacation.


Additionally, the Internet can provide a wide range of information In a very short period of time.  It allows you to compare various offers and prices for a specific travel service from different companies. You are then in a good position to determine which company provides the service that best suits your needs at the most reasonable price.


Lastly, travel websites provide enhanced features, including links to travel insurance providers and advisories, as well as to reviews and comments made by other travellers.Go to Online Agency

Tour operators or



plane-palmtree1. Knowledge and Experience

One of the most important benefits of choosing tour operators is that they have first-hand knowledge of what various countries have to offer, including the most popular activities and excursions. Their many years of experience compiling information and conducting tours have made them experts in the attractions and cultures of many countries around the world.


2. Buying Power

Tour operators are able to buy in bulk since they make regular bookings, which mean that they can get discounted rates that you would not be able to get through on-line individual bookings. Also, tour operators have built relationships with preferred suppliers and tourism partners which can help in reducing the overall cost of your holiday.


3. Value

A tour operator is a one-stop tourism shop that can add immense value to your holiday by providing you with all the services you require under one roof. Be it transfers, transportation, accommodations, exclusive activities, tour guides, day tours, advice or any other tourism-related matter. A tour operator will be able to assist in making the holiday planning process that much simpler.


4. Safety and Trust

Safety is perhaps one of the most important reasons for using the services of a tour operator. At the end of the day, nothing gives you peace of mind like knowing there is a human being behind the scenes looking out for your best interest, putting your needs and your safety first. Also, tour operators are located in various countries, allowing them to resolve any problems at a moment’s notice, which a computer cannot do for you.


5. Convenience

Last but not least is the convenience factor. It’s as simple as telling a tour operator where you’d like to go, when you’d like to go and what you’d like to do. It’s as easy as that.  A hassle-free tour organized for you in minutes.  Some tour operators also provide extra Go to Tour Operators services such as 24-hour support, info kits, itineraries, maps, recommended restaurants and so forth. In other words, with tour operators working job for you, you can sit back and relax!

Store-front travel agent.


9 reasons to use them!


1. If you’re going on a cruisetravel agent 2
A good travel agent will be able to find you the right cruise, on the right ship, on the right floor with the right room category while taking into account your overall budget for the cruise. This is particularly helpful if you’re about to book your first cruise.


2. If you’re in search of comprehensive service
Travel agencies have access to resources that are not available on-line, for example in relation to small carriers. They can also offer special discounts available only to them as an agency.


3. If you’re looking for air passes and around-the-world fares
Most airlines sell air passes (such as Cathay Pacific and Malaysia Airlines) through travel agencies only. Although the agency charges a fee for sharing its knowledge, it can be quite helpful to sort out complex itineraries. Agents who specialize in around-the-world fares can usually get you a better deal, or at least help you pick the right routes to maximize your travel value.


4. If you are a specific-needs traveler
Many store-front travel agents specialize in specific types of travellers:  senior citizens, gays and lesbians, naturists, or people with mobility issues. A resourceful travel agent can easily hook you up with like-minded individuals. Travel agents will go the extra mile to meet your needs.


5. If you’re planning a long, complex, multi-country trip
A three-week trip, or longer, to several countries usually requires multiple airline, hotel and car reservations. Many travellers prefer to leave these details to an expert who can advise on the specifics in relation to numerous destinations. You can make these arrangements yourself on-line, but it can be much easier to leave complex and detailed arrangements to people who do this every single day.


6. If you have complicated requests
Many travellers enlist the services of a travel agent to avoid frustration. If you need a specific room at the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City—and that room only—a travel agent will have more success getting it for you than you would. Why? Because hotel administrators know that travel agents are in a position to recommend or not recommend a particular hotel to travellers, which makes them a powerful ally.


7. If you are traveling to a “difficult” country
It’s best to consult a travel agent if you’re planning a trip to India, Egypt, China, or any place that might be considered challenging. A well-connected travel agent can help you make reservations and set up a single payment for your trip instead of having to make arrangements with individual hotels and airlines (some of which are not set up to allow direct bookings or international payment by credit card). For travel to countries where obtaining a visa can be a trying experience, a travel agent can save you lots of headaches.


8. If you need a miracle
What do you do when your flight out of Buffalo has been cancelled, leaving you stranded? Don’t bother calling the airline. Your agent can have you re-booked and on the next available flight, sometimes within the hour. Many travel agents will go above and beyond the call of duty, making medical referrals if you get sick or even wiring cash if you get robbed or have maxed out your credit card.


9. If you’re uncomfortable using the Internet
Many people don’t have the computer skills required to research fares and make reservations on line. If you don’t feel you have the technical skills to do this yourself, then you should turn to a travel agent. There’s nothing wrong with asking a professional for help and advice.



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